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Fan works about the Gazette Guys

Perishing_poem's The GazettE Archive

A community for The GazettE fans to post fanfictions and fanart about the guys. All post must contain something about the guys. No flaming ok? It is not tolerated, we will show you to the door, put a boot up your butt and tell everyone how you liked it if you do. Same with Stealing. Just don't do it it isn't cool okie? Introduce yourself, it is fun and we are nice damn it. You don't have to but it is nice to know who is drooling over our things. Oh and this site will contain Yaoi. If you don't like yaoi there is something wrong with you or your lying... but there is the door *points* get out...

Mods: zombie_calamity


☆No Advertising unless you contact zombie_calmity before otherwise your post will be deleted!

☆No flamming, you will be banned and your lj name will be entered into the hall of jackasses for everyone to laugh at.

☆All stories, and graphics MUST be under a lj cut. If you don't know how to make a lj cut go to my tutorial! How to do a LJ Cut With Pictures!

☆Use a discription (header) on all posts like:
Title: If Any
Author: ALWAYS!
Pairing: Always please
Rating: Always need help deciding your rating? there is a ratings list below ok?
Genre: angst, fluff, smut ect.
Warning: Please please please if it isn't worksafe tell us! There is nothing worse then looking at a nakie piccu of Ruki and your boss walking by... gah... *blush* Also you need to tell us if there are any deaths or suicides/self mutilations in your fictions or art some poeple don't like that and they have the rigth to not open your link ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys only my thoughts... (or something)

Not sure how to rate your story or art?
The Rating system goes as follows:
G - Lacks cursing, lacks adult situations, lacks any real violence.
PG - Lacks graphic cursing, some mild suggestion of adult situations, some violence.
PG-13 - Mild cursing, escalating adult situations, escalating violence.
R - Cursing, adult situations, suggested sexual scenes, violence
NC-17 - Blatant sexual scenes, excessive violence, language, and adult situations.

☆ All entries will be automatically friends locked

☆ Do not steal anyone's work. If you have premission to share it credit them.

☆ All types of stories are allowed, Yaoi and Het are welcomed

☆ Have fun, share your art and stories

☆ Comment, no one likes a lurker!




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Enjoy the awesomeness that is The GazettE
Thankies ~Zombie Calamity